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[reveal title="Access to all Galleries" open="false" color="grey-lite"]I add a new gallery every week.  Each gallery highlights part of a single photoshoot – allowing me the chance to show more facets of my charming collaborator(s).[/reveal][reveal title="Extra Doses of Hotness" open="false" color="grey-lite"]When I post to the blog, non-members only see a bit of the post (usually one or two photos) – but Team Boro members…. they get to see the rest of the images. Usually much juicier. Much nakeder.  You also get archive access to all the old posts (over 400 extra doses of hotness).[/reveal][reveal title="Short (behind-the-scenes) Films" open="false" color="grey-lite"]I’m dabbling with video!  I’ve started adding short films that (hopefully) give you a glimpse into the guy’s personality (sometimes it might just be about celebrating a beautiful body (or booty…)).  Only Team Boro gets to see.[/reveal][reveal title="Email Updates" open="false" color="grey-lite"]Team Boro members don’t have to visit the site to keep up – I send out an email each time I post a Dose of Hotness.  (and of course you can opt out of emails while maintaining access via the website)[/reveal]



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Dutch+Andy Dec4 0227 Marlen Boro male nude photography boudoir dudoir


Last year Team Boro covered my monthly studio costs and website fees – for me, that’s pretty huge.

It’s definitely a first world problem, but there’s so much yet to be shown…  guys who haven’t been showcased…  images that feel too graphic to display on an artistic photography site…  photoshoots where you’ve seen 2 or 3 images, but many more deserve be shared (shoots like the Swan Song, the SuperHeroes… or Strip Twister).

Team Boro isn’t a porn site – so if you’re looking for sex videos or hoping to harvest downloadable versions of the images, please keep hunting.